Jesse Rice writes books, speaks internationally, and helps individuals and organizations better understand themselves so they can maximize their influence for good.



"Jesse can help all of us live in deeper and better ways."-John Ortberg


Let Jesse and his team work with you to leverage your strengths and create extraordinary positive influence through your work, your life, or your organization. 


SPEAKING & Hosting

     Known for his paradigm-shifting insight, his hilarious personal stories, and his captivating stage presence, Jesse turns every opportunity at the mic into an empowering experience for the audience. Whether it's a crowd of 40 or 4000, college students or working professionals, your audience will leave entertained, inspired, and equipped with actionable next steps.


Coaching & consulting

Jesse is sought after for his insight and ability to "connect the dots" for both individuals and organizations looking to expand their influence. Whether working one-on-one or with with your team, Jesse and his team custom-design each session around your unique "personality" and goals. Jesse infuses fresh perspective, playful energy, and clear action steps into the coaching process to ensure your investment is transformative on every level.


workshops & retreats

Hire Jesse to lead your team through an insight-filled, perspective-shifting, team-building half- or full-day experience. Or join him and his team for one of their bi-annual "Catapult" retreats and discover tools and insight and new friendships that will transform your life, your relationships, or your organization.




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"In Gladwell-esque style, Rice writes with precision and below-the surface insight." -Relevant Magazine


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