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He currently produces the Stage, Page & Screen podcast with Josh Shipp, and The Big Heart Journey with Taes Leavitt. He also writes and produces music of his own and for others with Error5 Studios. He has a BA in Organizational Communication and an MA in Counseling Psychology. That means he can sift through the many interdependent layers of corporate communication within an organization and help you discover how it's all your parents' fault.

Jesse was born in Fort Dix, NJ, then moved to Germany for three years, then to Maryland for a few months, then Tulsa, OK, for six months, then Reedley, CA (in the country for three years, then in town for three more). This pattern continued into young adulthood - Pasadena (two places), Sierra Madre, Waterford, Turlock (2 places), Palo Alto, Menlo Park, back to Palo Alto, then to Santa Cruz, back to Palo Alto (thank you, Meads!), then Portland, OR, for one year, then Kirkland, WA for four, and Bellevue, WA, for four more. Then back to Portland, OR, where Jesse and his family (Katie, three children, one really old dog) enjoy living among the bearded wood people of the Pacific Northwest.  They could, at any moment, move somewhere else, but really hope to NOT.


Jesse was a professional musician for almost 20 years before becoming an author, then a father of three, then a music and video producer.

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